This is just for fun. I heard many comments about Richard Marc's Waiting Right Here. So, I just picked out a few more songs I liked in the past. Of course, people I went to school with probably would remember a couple of these songs. These are just the songs I happened to find on YouTube. Anyway, no significatn reasons for picking these. The significant ones are hard to find.

Amanda by Boston: It is sad that the lead singer committed suicide. I love his voice!

Love Will Keep Us Alive by Eagles: I loved Eagles! This is actually one of the newer songs.

You're the Inspiration by Chicago: The voice could be high pitched at times, but I used to like them a lot. This song is timeless. It was on the radio this afternoon.

I Want to See You Smile by Bad English: This is later on in the last 80's and early 90's, I think.

Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn: How can you not like this song! I love it.

Hold on to My Heart by W.A.S.P.: This is strickly from Da-Pong's influence.

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew: I went to their concert in Taiwan. Fun Group.

The One You Love by Glen Frey: It was a song played at the end of all dance parties. I got really tired of it over the years, but now it is just memories. I hate the video though. In the 80's, tons of music videos like to put these super model looking women in the video. Of course, everyone wanted to look like that as well. Go figure!

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