To ALL of You Who Are Passionate about Taiwan’s Education:

My blog is not only about Canadian education. I am very concerned about Taiwan’s education as well. I personally believe that education is the foundation for a modern society and the key to a country’s future. Only with a highly intelligent and highly educated workforce, a country is able to progress and compete in a forever evolving global market.

Other than describing my personal learning experience and my past school life in Taiwan, I have not published any of my personal views on Taiwan’s education on my blog, especially about the new education reform in Taiwan. I have been surfing many blogs to read about others’ opinions, especially some domestic and foreign educators’ points of view, on the education reform and the quality of education. Some strictly whine and complain about the education but do not offer concrete opinions on the solutions. Some have solutions but they lack understanding about Taiwan’s cultural and intellectual background, so the solutions may not be applicable for Taiwan’s big environment.

Some friends think that I am living outside of Taiwan, so why do I care about the education there? Well, just because I don’t reside there, it does not mean that I am heartless about my family or the next generation’s education. I care and I CARE very much about education in general! I was a teacher there and now I am still a teacher here. It does not matter where I am; my heart is always with one thing that I am very passionate about - education.

I just set up a new category on my blog titled For Taiwan’s Education. I will gradually post the articles I read and their links, with permissions from those webloggers and writers. I will also post my comments if possible. I welcome all readers’ creative comments and relevant discussions regarding issues in Taiwan’s education. We all have to care because EDUCATION MATTERS!


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