Last week I was in charge of the school spirit day and the monthly assembly. My school has a recognition assembly at the end of each month to recognize students who have shown outstanding achievement in a chosen subject area or a modeled behavior. The theme of the spirit day for the month of November was the crazy hat day. All teachers and students were encouraged to wear a crazy hat to school on that day. It was kind of funny that I was slotted to be in charge of the crazy hat day because they should have known that I would make the day become a totally crazy day. (Hahaha. For friends and family who know about my loud laugh, you can imagine that I could not stop laughing when I was writing this one. Hahaha....and even reading this blog now!)

First of all, I decided to make a morning announcement myself every day to promote the “crazy” school spirit. Junior students who know me are aware of my loud voice, special sound effects and my ability to let out my potential craziness in class but they had hardly ever heard of my voice over the PA system. (Homeroom teachers don’t usually do the morning announcements.) The primary students, who haven’t known all the teachers at school well, were simply too new to know about me and my potential craziness. Anyway, last week they finally witnessed the magic power of this crazy teacher over the PA system.

For two days, I went on the PA to tell them that they had a few days to get their crazy hats ready. I announced that I already had my crazy hat made (Note 1) and I was looking forward to seeing their (students’ and teachers’) crazy hats. Of course, my daily announcement was done with my typical twisted voice with cuckoo sound effects. Every morning, I would have a different crazy sound to start and end my message. I even incorporated the McKenzie brothers’ typical voice and sound into parts of my announcement. (Note 2) The whole point was to hype up the entire school for the prelude leading up to the school spirit day.

My announcement obviously got the children’s attentions because whenever I was on duty at recess last week, some primary students would come up to me and said, “Cuckoo, Cuckoo”. It was TOO funny! I had never seen so many cuckoo kids. Junior students usually like to act cool and they don’t usually get moved easily by crazy silly school spirit activities. Anyway, a few “cool” junior students came up to me and told me how impressed they were with my announcements. Apparently, some of their teachers mentioned to them that I used to work on a radio program and that was why I was quite good with broadcasting.

I was very touched by their comments as well as their teachers’ comments. It is easy to impress children, which I am quite good at clowning myself; however, it is a different story with adults, especially co-workers. Some of my co-workers have heard of me talking about my past experiences with radio broadcasting before. All of them are aware of my twisted sense of humour under the disguise of my seriousness. However, it was their first time to truly witness my crazy let-it-all-out type of announcement. It was quite interesting to see the smiles on their faces when I stepped out of the office after the daily morning announcement last week. I guess that I never cease to surprise them with what I can do.

Miss Sue at Fu Jen Catholic University, wherever you are now, thank you for teaching me well in your Performance Art class.

Note 1: I used some Dixie cups and a hard hat to make my crazy hat. I will post my crazy hat when I bring it home from school next week.

Note 2: McKenzie Brothers were two of the comedy characters in a famous Canadian TV show called SCTV. They used the stereotypical image about Canadians as the theme for their comedy section. Go to YouTube, you probably can find lots of McKenzie Brothers video clips. It was mainly for the adults when I incorporated their voice and sound effects into my morning announcement. Any Canadian adult who watched SCTV when growing up would know about the McKenzie Brothers.

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  • vivian110
  • This is very new to me oh~

    Haha...what an amusing teacher you are! Yeah~ looking forward to seeing your crazy hat! hehe..
  • It is easy to entertain the kids. I should work as a clown.

    Julia1492 於 2007/12/05 10:16 回覆