It’s getting to look a little bit like Christmas. We got snow last night, the first snow that stays on the ground and covers everything with fluffy white dust. This is the kind of snowy day I like. I am home and have nowhere to go and no errands to run. I can just look out my window and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered yards with a cup of hot tea in my hands. 

Can it be like this forever? No, it’s Monday tomorrow. The drive into work would be treacherous. Bummer…. 

PS, Don’t envy me just yet. Wait till I write about how heavy it is to shovel the darn thing off my driveway. I will break my bones today for sure. Where is the Bengay? Mmm…. 

To Friends, Bro and Sis, 
Do you wanna make some snowmen? You have to fly over here though and promise to help me shovel snow, hehe.
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  • vivian110
  • Snow is beautiful~

    but I don't like the freezing weather..cos' I'm too weak..and like kind of 東亞病夫吧!嘿嘿..
  • Lots of people can not stand the extreme cold weather. I am used to it now.

    Julia1492 於 2007/12/05 10:13 回覆

  • impalpable
  • XD

    extreme cold weather should be fine for me..i just can't stand the heat~ =..=a Man~ Went back to Taiwan during summer time wasn't a good idea at all.
  • Unfortunately, I can only travel in the summer time. I shudder whenever I think about my next trip to Taiwan in the hot weather. I just can not imagine the intense heat in Taiwan with the greenhouse effect.

    The temperature could usually get up to pretty high here in Ontario, but comparing to Taiwan, it is only a piece of cake here. I can't complain. Hahaha

    Julia1492 於 2007/12/07 09:38 回覆

  • Julia1492
  • Sorry,impalpable! I accidently deleted your message.
    Hahhaa... I have a similar but opposite to your situation. I went back to Taiwan for a funeral in late November one year. There was a so-called "cold front" and everyone in Taipei was wrapped with coats and long pants except me walking on the street with a T-shirt and shorts. My mom kept telling me to bring a jacket when I went out. I guess people on the street thought I was crazy. Any temperature in the "teens" is not a big deal at all.