Look at the painting. This is the reason why I have been so busy lately. In addition to the Food Drive and million other projects I have to complete before Christmas Break, I have to finish painting the backdrop for the winter musical, Snow Biz, as well. I finally finished the painting this afternoon. It took me two afternoons to finish it with the help from a friend at school. Every two years, we have a musical production for the junior students. I have been in charge of painting the backdrop for the last six years. A nickname of “Michelangelo” was given to me years ago because I always climbed up the 16-foot tall ladder to paint the backdrop. (My insurance company would not be too happy to hear about this.) The canvas is 15’ by 15’ and extremely heavy. Anyway, I decided not to risk my life this year, so the entire painting was done on the ground. I am aching all over because of the bending, kneeling and squatting for two long days. (Where is my massage therapist? Sigh…) Does the painting look all right? It was intended to look a bit cartoony.
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  • copact
  • may I ask?

    what the yellow square with 3124 meanS!?
  • It is a game called Four Squares. We have our playground pavement painted with many different games for children to play at recess. I used the scene behind my school playground as the inspiration for my backdrop.

    Julia1492 於 2007/12/13 11:47 回覆

  • copact

    火星共筆缺 美術創作 味道的文章
  • Wow, you think highly of me! I don't think people would be interested in what I want to say though. What is this all about? Do I need to read "Blogging for Dummies" first to do it? hahaha...

    Julia1492 於 2007/12/31 09:00 回覆

  • copact
  • # 妳太客氣了啦^^不該謙虛時就秀一下自己吧!!!火星人相信你的能力~
  • copact
  • Welcome 2 United Mars^^