Dear Santa,
I have never written to you to request anything for Christmas because Chinese New Year still holds a more important place in my heart than Christmas. After so many years of helping you get presents ready for my family and friends, now I am ready to ask you for a special present. By the way, I have been a really good girl all year and I always have been. Santa, please send a snow shoveling robot, a snow shoveling butler or a snow blower my way for Christmas!
We have not had much of snow for the last few winters; however, Canada is a country of winter snow. It is inevitable that we occasionally have to shovel the snow during the cold winter season. For the last few years, we have been paying the kids across the street to cut the grass and to shovel the snow, but kids are kids and they are not reliable. We also had a service come in to shovel the snow before we hired the kids, but the company had to deal with so many clients, especially the commercial plazas which always take their priority. By the time the service truck got to our house, it was dark and late and I had almost done my driveway myself. I couldn't wait for the service and had to do it on my own because I couldn’t move my car up to my driveway.
We are having a big snow storm which started at around eight o’clock this morning. This afternoon, I had tears in my eyes when I discovered the city’s street-plowing truck had passed by my house and shoved all the snow from the street onto the entrance of my driveway which blocked my driveway and the sidewalk. I had to climb over a knee-high of snow bank to get into my house. In a time like this, Santa, I apologize that, in order to let the frustration off my chest, I had to use a few nasty words that I normally don’t say at all. Thank God, in the end, I finally had a few good neighbours who came to the rescue with their snow blowers along with a couple of kids who were paid to shovel the driveway with me.
Santa, I am exhausted and damp. A mug of hot chocolate is not going to help much because I know the snow is still falling and blowing everywhere outside. When I think of that, I get chill to my bones, my old rattling achy bones after the shoveling. It will be a chore to get my car off the driveway tomorrow morning. (A snow day will be great if you could make it happen ASAP.)
Santa, I am sincerely asking you to send me a snow shoveling robot or a snow shoveling butler. (The appearance is not important, but the muscles are!) If it is not possible, I will take a snow blower, which is cheaper and still way better than the small shovel I’ve got. I am not too tall, so please do not send me a big snow blower, a petit one will do. I promise that I will continue to be a really good girl for next year. I will always put the others’ well-beings ahead of mine, but I need physical strength to do that. So, please help me reserve my strength by sending a snow blower to me for this Christmas. I thank you very much. Mucho Gracias. A-ri-ga-do. Merci. Xie xie. Danka or in whatever language you speak.
A Good Girl from Canada

Note: All schools will be closed if we have a snow day due to a  severe winter storm. 
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