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One of my co-workers will be retiring by the end of January. She has been our special education teacher for the developmentally challenged students in the DD class ever since the school was opened. I always say that it takes a special person to do the job she does in that DD class. When I heard of the announcement of her retirement, I told her that it would be very difficult to find someone to take her place. I have no doubt that we will find someone to fill the position quickly but I will not be surprised that the teacher will leave in a year or two as many had done before. There will always be teachers who would accept a difficult job assignment just to get their foot in the door; however, it has been extremely difficult to find someone who truly cares and would enjoy working with a group of DD students. I know that most people would quickly get tired of lifting and moving those students or changing their diapers. Those handicapped children have special needs, but they are just as dignified as the other students at school. They deserve to have respect and someone who is passionate enough and dedicated to their job.


A distant family member from Belgium decided to try out the Ironman Triathlon because he wanted to have his name announced at the end of the triathlon race as Ironman So-and-So. He mentioned in his blog that it has been proven a great challenge for him to compete in the Ironman triathlon. He is very athletic but a fairly petit athlete comparing to the other “Ironmen” in the race. He said he had experienced some difficulty with extreme pain at the bike race after being kicked by someone during the jam-packed swimming event. He got a black eye after the swim and he thought he had twisted his ankle. However, he looked at those older fellow-competitors beside him and he told himself that if those 65 year-old grandfathers beside him could do it, he should at least try to finish the race. He completed the competition with triumph and finally earned the title as one of the Ironmen.


This morning, a friend sent me a video clip to my Facebook Funwall. This is a clip about how a father and son team completed the Ironman Triathlon. This is the kind of motivational films that I enjoy watching. Comparing to those people, we are very lucky and blessed with what we have. We should remind ourselves always to keep trying and doing as much as we can to push forward. Here is their story, Team Hoyt: Racing Towards Inclusion.

The followings are the video clips from YouTube.

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