I I don't have a lot of time for myself. I enjoy painting immensely but when can I find time to do it? (Maybe I can cut down bloggig and writing emails! Hahaha.) I have a beautiful and talented younger sister (note 1) who always thinks that she can draw better than I do, which may be true, because I did not tap into my hidden ability until 7 years ago. (My parents couldn't afford to pay for any art lessons when I was grwoing up in Taiwan.) 

I took the art lessons because I felt that I needed to find some way to relax and destress. Teaching could be quite demanding and stressful. I really enjoyed the time spent on paingting. The art lessons I took also made me a better teacher to teach my students how to draw at school. I have been running a few art clubs for a few years.  I am not the most diligent art student because I don't have a lot of time to produce artwork. I really should try to get back to practise painting on a weekly (or more consistent) basis. New Year resolution? (still thinking....)

Here is one of my old paintings. I called myself a toilet artist. So, guess where I put this painting? 

It is perfect for the steel-blue guest bathroom. 

Note 1: 
My beautiful sister is still single in Taiwan. If there is any single suitor out there who has some interest, please contact me via email (see my profile). Hehehe.... I could be a good sister-in-law, you know. (Wink, wink)       

Then I may invite you to see my painting in the guest bathroom. Hahahaha....
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  • copact
  • toilet is such a quiet place for reading too.
    marriage-seeking is another fuction of blogs?! ^^
  • We do keep books, mostly comics, in the bathrooms. Hehehe. We do have to relax when in the washroom, right?

    Marriage-seeking is not really the goal but the by-product of this particular article. Hehehe... Just don't tell my sister (Shihhhhh...)

    Julia1492 於 2008/01/21 09:45 回覆

  • copact
  • relaX ^^ we all need that~ chinese new year is coming!

    ok, i wont tell her. just keep in secret-open blog here.
  • Yeh, all of you are going to have a New Year break soon.

    Imagine when my sister finds out that I am just trying to help. "Brother-in-law Wanted!" Actually, she is a cool girl. All my sisters are. Of course, we have the same genes in the family. (Did you hear the horn blowing?)

    Julia1492 於 2008/01/21 11:22 回覆

  • uma0720
  • Beautiful

    Hi:It's a beautiful painting.I'm learning painting.
  • Hi,
    I have been to your site. You sketching is BEAUTIFUL!I am not really doing a lot of painting lately. This is one of the very few.

    Julia1492 於 2008/01/21 20:15 回覆

  • Julia1492
  • Copact:
    Sorry, I accidentally deleted your message. I really need to read "Blogging for Dummies".

    What is PTT? and What is ApplyDaily? I am not very techno savvy.
  • copact
  • PTT=批踢踢

  • impalpable
  • holy~

    that's way better than compare to my paintings =..=a
    i want to draw the ocean the way you did.
    Jeezz~ if i can draw half as good as you, i'm thankful XD
  • Pai sai la... (blushing) Is it really that good? I am still learning. Show us one of yours!

    Julia1492 於 2008/01/23 08:41 回覆

  • impalpable
  • =..=a

    mine? puu~ way too bad to even show XDD i'm more into mountain snow type of drawing lol
  • I like mountain landscape as well. Come on. Show us one. Hehehe

    Julia1492 於 2008/01/24 08:19 回覆

  • impalpable
  • XD

    either gone or destroy for some reason @@a.. well, i will try to find one and post on the blog later ;)