As a teacher, it is always a bonus to get sweet little things from students. There was no exception for this Valentine’s Day. Kids usually like to draw their own Valentines or stick a candy or chocolate on their card. I always have to set a class time aside for them to give out their lovely Valentines to each other. I don’t promote it but somehow they all know how to do it, amazing! Last week I gave them a period in the afternoon to finish their heart-shaped pocket and then hand out the cards to each other.
I got quite a pocketful of treats and sweet Valentine’s as well. While I was opening the cards, I noticed that one particular note was from a parent. In two simple sentences, she thanked me for taking all these children in and treating them as my own. Those simple words brought tears to my eyes. I have no word but heart-felt emotions churning inside me………………….
I guess the class was all too excited about the treats and cards. Someone accidently knocked down the cup filled with water and the flowers that I just received from my secret Valentine (my colleague, note 1). I was very disappointed that the person who tipped the cup did not say anything right away and the water spilled all over my desk. My Valentine’s Day ended with a sour note that I had to throw out all the paper and to clean up the massive mess on my desk.
The next morning while I was in my class getting ready for the day, a parent peeked in my room and said, “Yes, she is in there.” Behind her was her son who had a small bundle of roses in his hand. The mother told me that the child asked her to get a small bundle of roses for me because he said that my Valentine’s flowers were ruined yesterday and I wouldn’t have flowers for myself. I couldn’t believe my ears because the child is such a typical jumpy boy and who would have believed that he is so sensitive and thoughtful inside? He comes from a single parent family and they live on a very tight budget. I am just grateful for their kind thoughts. The boy later made a comment that the bad thing about roses is that they are full of thorns and people can get hurt. Well, my boy, the thorns may prick me but the pain is worth it.
All of these little things made my days, every single one of them. How can I not treat these children as my own? They are my Valentines!
Note 1: Teachers usually play the Secret Valentines a week before the day. We give each other little things every day leading up to the Valentine's Day. My S.V. gave me a bundle of Gardenia one day.
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  • lavienouvelle
  • oh, Julia, they are so so so sweet!!! But I can tell how much you care about them!!
    I think sometimes, kids are really sensitive. Once they feel your care and love, they will return your care with a hug or a sweet surprise! so sweet!!!
  • They are very sweet indeed. It takes a while to tame them. Hahaha.... I was actually very surprised with these two students. In fact, all the presents are from those who are the least expected.

    Julia1492 於 2008/02/19 13:41 回覆

  • betty05
  • it's so nice that a good relationship betwen parents and teacher.
  • Most of my parents are very nice. In fact, many of the past parents became my long term friends after I taught their kids. I don't know a lot of people here outide my work other than co-workers and parents. That was how I started my social network here years ago.

    Thanks for your visit.

    Julia1492 於 2008/02/20 20:25 回覆

  • vivian110
  • You are great!

    It was told that you are such a great and kind teacher and they are happy to be your students.
  • I picked you to fill out the survey. I hope you don't mind.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/09 10:17 回覆