When I was young (correction: I AM still young, I am trying to say when I was YOUNGER), I used to get chain letters by mail. Now I get a lot of chain emails all the time but I usually just discard them with a simple click on that delete button. There is always a rule about forwarding it to a number of friends in order to get “good luck” in return. Well, I guess I haven’t been following the rule of chain mails to the dot. So, now I have accumulated too much “bad luck” to the point of no return. Maybe that is the reason why I have not won my million dollars yet. (Hahahaa.) 

This is the first time that I have received this type of “chain blogging”. It was forwarded to me from my blog friend lavienouvelle (http://blog.pixnet.net/lavienouvelle/). So, I guess I should really redeem myself this time and follow the rule for some change of luck.  Maybe if I could get lucky this time, I would be able to see my million dollars in no time. (Hehehe….)

I am sorry that I can only type in English on this computer. I would be able to upgrade my computer if I were to have some luck. So, please help me out here, my blog friends, who are next to receive this chain blogging mail. (hehehe….) Or, any volunteers? Anybody?
The following is my answers. Here you go! 

遊戲規則如下:A. 被點到名字的要在自己的博客裡寫下自己的答案,然後去掉一個你最不喜歡的問題再加上一個你的問題,仍然組成20個問題,傳給其他8個人,列出其他8個需要回答問題的人的名字,還要到這8個人的博客裡留言通知對方——你被點名了,完成遊戲的人將會得到不可預知的好運。B.8個人要在自己的博客裡註明是從哪裡接到的,並且再傳給其他8個人,讓遊戲繼續下去,不得回傳。C.若同時被兩個人點名,或先後被二個以上的人點名,可以只回答一次.
1.      你認為分手後的男女朋友還能做普通朋友嗎?
答:Sure, as long as they can both behave themselves. NO more hanky-panky.
2.      最近最鬱悶的事?
答:Snow keeps coming and I have no space for it.

3.      世界末日就在明天,你最想做的一件事是什麼?
答:I probably would stay home to be with my family and call my family in Taiwan to say good bye. After that, I would watch some CNN News and maybe do some laundry just in case the doom day is postponed.
4.      . 你覺得婚後多久生baby最適合?
答: I guess whatever it takes as long as it is done before the “deadline” or before the doomsday.

5.      如果你是1億元頭彩的得主?
答:Other than paying off the mortgage, I would not do anything differently to change my life. Seriously, a million dollars don’t really go far.
6.      你現在最想擁有的是什麼?
答:How about that million dollars I just asked for!
7.      你的另一伴做過什麼讓你最感動的事?
答:He was home to shovel the snow this morning. (Tears in my eyes!!)
8. 什麼事情會讓你生氣到破錶,會抓狂想殺人的?
答:It would be whenever I hear about those fathers who only act as sperm donors to breed but not to take up any fatherly responsibility.

答:It was the day when I was hired to teach in Canada.

: There is no timeline or deadline for that, is there?

: Mmmmm, his best quality is that he married me!

答:I would travel around the world.

答:I would wish to travel around the world. How to make my wish come true? I don’t know, how about winning that million dollars that I just mentioned!

答:Taiwan. I have not been back for tooooooo long. (See how many “o’s” there are!)

答:I would stay where I am. It is too much trouble to pack and move houses, unless I have a million dollars, then I might have a new plan- to stay at hotels around the world when I travel with that million dollars.

答:I used to want a baseball team size. I don’t know. Is there a quota?

答:No, I am in charge of taking care of all photos including old photos in this household.

18. Who is the celebrity that you would like to invite to your house for a cup of tea/coffee?
答:Dalai Lama.

答:I am happy that I am still living well and enjoying teaching.

答:No, I think it is just another opportunity for me to show my twisted side. Hahahahhaaaa………

I have been blogging for a while but it is not easy to find 8 blog friends who may be interested in participating and also eager to reply. Quite frankly, many of them have answered similar surveys already. Anyway, I just have to take my chance and my luck. Yes, LUCK is all I need!

These are the chosen ones:  Vivian110, Copact, Jayko, impalpable, chrisdiva, betty05, tiffwu, weedyC, and uma.
(Mission Control calling Mars. Help is needed on earth.)
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  • uma0720
  • Sorry,first I don't know how to e-mail for my friend.Second if I will answer those question ,where is to do it?
  • You can copy the survey off my blog, change all the answers to your own, and post it on your blog. Then contact your chosen friends to do the same as well. The survey is in Chinese, but I don't have the software to write in Chinese.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/09 22:25 回覆

  • impalpable
  • XD

    Ok~ instead of answering you in my blog, which that blog is old already.
    I will just answer you here so you can see it right away :)

    2. 最近最鬱悶的事?
    答:Leaking problem which was driving me nuts, but it was all taken care of now.

    3. 世界末日就在明天,你最想做的一件事是什麼?
    答:Make my enemies die today. XD

    4. . 你覺得婚後多久生baby最適合?
    答: It really depends.

    5. 如果你是1億元頭彩的得主?
    答:I slap myself till my nose bleed just to make sure it's not a dream.

    6. 你現在最想擁有的是什麼?
    答:Question number 5.

    8. 什麼事情會讓你生氣到破錶,會抓狂想殺人的?
    答:Whoever trying to hurt my love ones.

    9. 過去十年你最開心的時刻?
    答:When I bought my first car.

    17. 會介意戀人/老公/老婆保留與前情人的照片/書信嗎?
    答:Why should I care? Should I also erase her memories in her brain too?

    18. Who is the celebrity that you would like to invite to your house for a cup of tea/coffee?
    答:Bin La Den or whatever his name is.

    19. 最滿意你現在生活的哪個部份~
    答:Still breathing.

    答:So far not yet. XD
  • Thank you, Sir! But, where are the #10 to 16?

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/09 22:28 回覆

  • chrisdiva
  • haha~~i will do all the questions...
    how could i refuse if teacher asked me to do so ~~XD
  • Thank you very much! Chrisdiva to the rescue.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/09 22:31 回覆

  • vivian110
  • 傳給其他8個人

    呃~ 傳給其他8個人喔? 這就考倒我了啦!我晚點能幫妳回答那些問題,但要轉傳出去對我來說會有難度,反應難測咧~
  • I know it could be hard. It was hard for me but anyway, no pressure.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/10 04:03 回覆

  • impalpable
  • XD

    Oops..forgot to mention that I answered them before on my blog, so i couldn't repeat them again XD
  • That's ok. I thought you tried to rip us off. Hehehe...

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/10 05:10 回覆

  • betty05
  • thank you for giving me a chance to GAIN million of LUCK!!
  • No problem. That's what friends are for!

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/10 12:28 回覆

  • lavienouvelle
  • Hahaha, Julia,

    I like your answers, they are so funny!!! :)

    I hope this game can give you some laughs too, since you are kind of frustrated about the nasty weather. :)
  • "Frustrated" is an understatement! Hahahaa... I am mad as hell and ready to kill.... Wait, I should have put that down for #8 answer.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/11 09:30 回覆