(the view of the house with the snow)

The sun finally came out with full force for the last four days. As the snow starts to melt, my body is also recovering and gaining strength.
The school is a very dirty environment. Imagine that we all coop up in one room all day long. When it is too cold with less than -20 degrees wind chill out there, children don’t get to go out for recesses. My classroom has two very small to almost non-existent size of windows. The airflow solely relies on the air vents. But, how clean are those vents and ducts? That I don’t know. Children don’t always wash their hands after their sneezes or coughs no matter how many times I have told them. Now I wash my hands like crazy because I don’t want to pass the germs on to other people. It is not fun to have a cold or flu.
It is our March Break this week and I have the week off to recuperate. Other than my yoga and Tai Chi classes, I have not done much. It has been a lazy week for me but I think I deserve every minute of it. I will gradually post a few photos of our latest projects at school. It is something quite motivating for students. I definitely enjoy the fun whenever I do it with my grade three students. (Hey, if it was not fun, why would I want to waste my time doing it?)
Anyway, take a look at the snow I have in my front yard. Like I said before, I am running out of space for snow. The good thing is that spring is only 17 days away! Hooray! 

(the view from the front porch)

The tall tree in my front yard does not look so tall after all in the deep snow.

I have a hard time backing my car off the drive way because the snow piles are taller than the car. The snow blocks the view of passing cars from both directions. It is quite dangerous.
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  • Maggie
  • 上次這場大雪, 我在路上目睹了很多驚險的鏡頭
    像是車子在路上轉圈圈, 車子撞上雪堆...
    好好享受妳的 March Break 吧!
    春天快到了! 再撐一下!
  • Many drivers out there really need to be re-trained for winter driving. It is quite dangerous to go out on a snowy day. Be careful as a pedestrian in the big city.

    I am getting moldy! I need sunshine.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/14 06:31 回覆

  • copact
  • why no people?
  • It is a very quiet community. Most people go to work during the day. Plus, it is too cold to be out.

    Julia1492 於 2008/03/14 06:33 回覆