It is your election day in Taiwan. Please cast your vote no matter how busy you are! Your vote is important to Taiwan’s political future.
Election is a democratic process for all citizens to exercise their right. It is only fair if you cast your vote carefully to be part of the decision making process. I always have a very strong political sense no matter where I am. Since I can not be there to vote on this special day, I have been keeping my political view to myself for a few simple reasons. (Note 1)
First of all, I don’t need to display my personal political opinions since I have no right to vote in Taiwan. As an expat in Canada, I have my own idealistic view about Taiwan’s politics but no matter what, there will always be people who disagree with my personal view. (Note 2) So, why do I even bother to set up a public battle ground here in my personal blog to argue with strangers? (I can do that any time but definitely not before the election.)
Secondly, I think there are enough comments said already on TV or in the newspapers about the two major political parties in Taiwan. I don’t carry any party colour and it is damn rude (pardon my language) to ask people about their political party colour. Who cares about the party colour if the political party’s platform has no solidified strategies for their political plan? You are voting to elect a president of the country, not a pop-singing idol! All politicians, in Taiwan or in Canada, should look beyond their time in the office when it comes to planning for a state’s future. You should vote for the candidate who has a vision for more than four years in the office. I am fed up with politicians who are so shortsighted and only go for popularity contest!
Last but not the least, it is really up to the grass root citizens, i.e., YOU, to form your own rational judgments based on the political platforms presented to you by all parties’ candidates. So, there is no point for me to tell you what I think because the truth is that you, the educated voters, already know what the best will be for yourself. Politics is the same around the world. There are always political tactics played out in front of our very eyes during every election campaign. People tend to get emotional and even irrational at times. Don’t get caught up in the psychological political warfare. (Note 3) I personally detest all those idiotic tactics. I truly believe that, as a citizen with Taiwan’s future at stake, you need to step back, think with a futuristic view and make a wise and important decision.
The bottom line is, whatever the election outcome may be, all citizens in Taiwan are on the same boat for the next four years. You need to be actively involved by casting your one and only precious vote with caution. Today is the very day for you to do just that. On this special day, my heart is with all of you who are passionate and concerned. My friends and family, every vote counts, so Go Cast Your Vote!
Note 1: I have not been back for too many years. Apparently, my old ID has been taken away and I have to re-apply if I plan to live more than 6 months in Taiwan.
Note 2: In some Canadian families, there are three personal viewpoints that people don’t generally like to discuss at the dinner table; i.e., religion, income and politics.
Note 3: I noticed that some politicians like to play the "race card" or use the strategy to divide and conquer.
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