Homeni sent me another survey to fill out. This one is very similar to the one I did a while ago. (Please read the one I posted last: Just for Laugh.) So, I am not going to dwell deep into the questions that I have answered already. You are welcome to check out my previous post for the survey. However, I did a little translation on the following questions based on my own interpretations. The part in English inside the brackets ( ) would be my interpretations.
The truth is some of the translation I have read online is not really clear or accurate in my view. Years ago, my professor used to tell us that there are three important keys to Chinese/English/Chinese translation; the translated text should follow the simple principles of being elegant, fluent, and faithful to the original text. Sometimes, the translated version of the text might be too wordy, awkward, and missing the point at times; especially, those ones done by the translating software or online translation gadgets. (I often get a kick out of those translated movie subtitles as well.)
I noticed that some bloggers have tried to read my articles using Google translating device. I really have no advice for that other than be careful with what you read. I found that the meanings are often changed or omitted after the translation because the software only translates word by word and it does not read between the lines. Anyway, use those translators with caution. If you have any question about my articles, please do not hesitate to ask me.
I am not sending this survey to anybody this time. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to link the survey for your own use. (No royalty for the translation. Hehehe…) In the future, I am hoping to raise some money to help fund the aboriginal children’s education in some remote regions in Taiwan. If any publisher out there who might take interest of my skills, please do email me and we may be able to work out a plan for my goal.
(Do you think that a couple can still be friends after their break-up? Why? Or, why not?)  
I have answered this one already. Please read the previous survey.

(What do you earnestly want to benefit from your friends?)
How about just to gain the sincere friendship and the earnest care for each other!

(What is the most unbearable fault of your character?)

(When you met someone you admire, would you openly reveal your love interest or secretly care for him/her?)
I am very passive about taking the first move. So, I was always the wallflower and secretly admired the guys.

(Name three positive points about the person who picked you for this survey.)
From what I have read online, Homeni seems to be very charming, intelligent and friendly.

(What is one thing that you desire to possess the most?)
I have answered this one already.

(What is your dream and passion?)
I think I have answered this one as well.

(After a heated argument with your lover, how long does it take you to patch up?)
I have done this one already.

(What have you been hoping to accomplish for the last month?)
I would like to help my class finish the 6 dragons that we are creating for the art exhibition next month.

(What kind of life style are you planning to have in 10 years? How do you plan to fulfil the dream?)
I have answered this one already.

 (Have you ever thought of giving up your current life style to become a traveller/drifter? If you had, what would be your reason for doing so?)
Yes, I would give it up in a minute if I could win the large sum of jackpot. Please refer to my previous survey.

(If time could be reversed, what time period would you like to fall back on over again and what would you like to do?)
I would like to be with my father by his bedside and tell him before his last breath that I love him deeply and I have always tried my best to make him proud.

(Other than your current career, what occupation would you attempt to give it a try?)
I would like to be a “professional millionaire” with means to help people in need. (Hahahaha....professional millionaire. I am really dreaming.)

如果可以選擇,你想當男生還是女生? why
(If you were given a choice, would you prefer to be a man or a woman? Why?)
I would prefer to be a man. I think it would be easier to travel alone as a male.

(What part of your life is not up to your satisfaction?)
I have too much to do with too little time.

(What kind of compliment would you love to receive from others? Why?)
“Ms. So-and-So, can we stay in for recess to finish our fun project?” It usually means that the students are having so much fun learning and they don’t want to interrupt what they are working on.

(Is your dearest loved one currently with you? Why? Or, why not?)
Yes and No. When I am with one, then I cannot be with the others.

(What would you do when you have reached your alcohol intake limit?)
No alcohol for me.

(Do you prefer nerds or playboys-want-to-be? Why?)
I prefer the nerds with a good sense of humour. Don’t ever judge a book by its appearance! Nerds and playboys may eventually look the same in 30-40 years with grey hair and wrinkly bodies. Gravity is not kind and eventually we will “droop” one way or another. (Hahaha….) However, I’d rather be with somebody that I can have an intelligent conversation with at the end of the day. I simply can not tolerate of being with an airhead with only a playboy figure.

(What is the book that you are currently reading? Please briefly describe the book.)
Buddhism for Dummies. It uses plain English to introduce the history, philosophy and terminology of Buddhism. It is written for big dummies like me. Hahahha….

(What is your most embarrassing moment so far? Or, tell a real life joke.)
It happened on my first trip to the USA eons ago. The flight arrived late and we missed our dinner. My roommate and I walked miles and miles at night to find a 7-11 that was still open late. I decided to satisfy my sweet tooth and picked out this small box of cake with a yummy looking picture on the box, a cake with white icing! My mouth watered and my stomach growled. After I got back to the hotel, I excitedly opened the cake box but only to find out that it was a box of CAKE MIX. You’ve got it- I went to bed with an empty stomach. Yeh, I was young and stupid once!
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  • You are welcome. I am a very serious looking person per se, but deep down inside me, I am quite twisted. It is too bad that I did not take the comedian route to work in the entertainment industry. On that note, maybe that would be a good career choice beside my teaching job. (That would be my new answer for question #14.)

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  • Anyone who is interested in filling out the survey is welcome to link the copy to their site and do it. I didn't bother to ask anybody because I already did it once.

    Copact, why don't you do it if you were a nerd with a good sense of humour or a playboy-want-to-be?! hehehe...

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