Dear Friends and Family,

Yes, I would like to go home to visit my mother and all of you in July! 
However, I have not been able to secure a flight ticket yet. I will not be able to leave until July 11 because I have signed up for a few workshops. If you are able to meet up with me in July, please "take the number" and let me know by sending me an email. I most likely will stay in Xin-zhuan, Taipei with my mother. I MAY go to Tai-zhung to visit my sister, a few relatives in Chiayi or I-lang and a few friends in Kaoshiung. 

Remember, other than your email addresses, I don't really know your current residences, so please leave your contact phone numbers and addresses. (Gosh, I feel like a celebrity arranging my own tours and dates. Hehehe...) Anyway, I will be super busy till June 25. Keep in touch!! I want to meet up with you all if I can get a flight to go home! BTW, anyone who wants to date my sister, please also take notes of this matchmaker's (moi) schedule. Let's have an interview. How's that?

If you need anything from Canada, please let me know as early as possible. Remember, I hate shopping with a passion and I may not have time to look for those rare items that you hope to get for your girlfriend/boyfriend or your great-grandmother. 

The bottom line is - - I have to get a ticket first!
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  • Maggie
  • 妳要回家了~~!
    我也有計畫要回台, 不過是八月底的事了
    千萬別樂不思蜀啊~~ ^^
  • The problem of being a teacher is that we can only travel during the peak season. I always get ripped off. With the weather we have like today, I am really worried that I would not be able to handle the extreme heat in Taiwan.

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/10 07:39 回覆

  • impalpable
  • Orz

    I just found out i couldn't ask for vacation on Sept. And i don't think i can go on Aug. ..jeezz..summer flight are so expensive.. let me know which airline you are going and the price range for it.. Orz i'm looking for a flight home too..but i think the chances are very slime for me.. sigh~~
  • I heard that it will be cheaper after mid July. So far, I have heard of $1875 from Toronto to Taipei. I am not sure if the price is reasonable. I have not been back for years. Last time I flew Cathay Pacific. It was a little bit longer via Hong Kong but that was the only available fligt I could get last time. Anyway, somehow I got bumped to the first class on the return flight to Toronto. Hehehe... I like that very much indeed!!!I may have to fly Cathay again if I can not get a ticket.

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/10 07:45 回覆

  • impalpable
  • !!

    bumped to first class? wow~you serious? dang~ how lucky is that!!? I know it will be cheaper after mid july, but still not as cheap as sept..which i was aimming for that time range..but..sigh~~ but still, $1875 is quite expensive..reasonable? well, i dun think gas price is reasonable that's for sure i think ticket price went up.. i usually take JAL and transfer from tokyo XD first time i went back was taking eva airline direct to taiwan.. wasn't too bad.. but just such a long flight Orz
  • Yup! First class for two tickets. I don't think it would ever happen again though. Cathay Pacific flies from Tronto to Alaska and then down to Hong Kong. It was long but I did not care because I slept all the way.

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/12 04:25 回覆

  • homeni
  • 歡迎回家

  • I am really concerned as well. The other day, it was 33 degrees here and I was out in the field for our track and field meet. I was slightly burned. The next day, we had a fun fair all day. By the end of the day, I was totally toasted, especially the back of my knees. It's painful. I think it will be very humid in Taiwan and I am mentally trying to "imagine" and prepare for the days ahead.

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/12 19:00 回覆

  • gigichang
    hope you have a save trip to taiwan and back to Canada again!
  • Thanks, Gigi! This trip is really a last-minute planning. I may go to Kaoshiung to visit a few friends. Your Nina is getting to be so tall!

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/13 19:10 回覆

  • Morris
  • welcome back to Taiwan.

    Hope you have a good day in Taiwan
  • Thanks. Every time when I see the photos on your blog, I have the urge of visiting Taiwan right away. I told you before that I would definitely review a few articles you posted before I plan any trip to those local attractions.

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/14 10:12 回覆

  • lavienouvelle
  • wow, it seems that you have a very tight schedule...
    Well, let's see if we both have time to meet. :)
    But anyway, enjoy your trip in Taiwan and enjoy the time with your family too. :)
  • I plan to visit people who want to see me. So, I will not be too busy if no one cares about me. Hehehehe... Seriously, I will be fine. The trip is to visit my mother. I will be staying with her and I will not be teaching this time. I don't think I will not be too busy at all.

    Julia1492 於 2008/06/24 10:43 回覆