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For my birthday, I watched a movie, the Ron Clark Story, and I saw my reflection in the movie. Hehehe.... 

It's too funny to watch some of the scenes because I often use exactly the same words that he used in the movie to talk to my students. For example, I am quite over-the-top dramatic in the classroom and I always tell my students that I have six eyes with two behind my ears. I can see exactly what they are doing behind me or know what they are trying to hide. So, they are warned right from day one not to fool around but pay full attention in class. When the students get caught, it is so funny to see them act like deer that get caught in the headlight. 

Ron is an amazing teacher. I read his first book, the Essential 55, in 2003. Now, the movie based on his story is on DVD and he also has a second book out. I highly recommend Ron Clark's books to all teachers out there who are dedicated and trying their best day in and day out. His books are motivational books for teachers and it is definitely a great read.


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