I have not written anything for my blogs for a while because I have been really busy at school. Plus, by the time I get home from work, I am completely exhausted. I just want to relax and recuperate. The economy is not great and, like everybody else, I am very much clouded with concerns that my life saving investment has gone south. All in all, I have not been too excited about doing any writing. I totally needed some days off. This week is my March Break and it is great to be able to sleep in, read books and temporarily purge all the heavy loads off my mind.


I just came back from my Monday Tai Chi Club. I used to think that Tai Chi is only for seniors who can not move swiftly or who require very low impact exercise. Boy, I was dead wrong! I quite enjoy the way that all muscles get to stretch out entirely through each slow but solid move. I usually incorporate the breathing exercise I learned from Yoga to my Tai Chi workout. It is quite amazing that I am often drenched by the end of each session. At this point of time, I think I have reached the plateau for this class. It is time to move on to a higher level of Tai Chi. Maybe, I should start looking into the philosophical essence of this Kung Fu. Any philosophical study may help a little bit at this point.

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