JD, a good friend of mine, quit teaching last year. It was a complete surprise to all of us. She volunteered for years at a school and went through a lot of trouble just to get into Faculty of Education to get her degree. It was a big career change for her in her late 30s, switching from hotel management to education. It took her a while to finally get a job with the school board after graduation. She is extremely passionate about education. So, I couldn’t understand why on earth she would suddenly decide to leave her teaching post.


Later, we finally got the whole story from her. I am not ready to disclose her side of the story just yet, but I can only say that she was distressed and totally depressed when she quit. She was a victim of institutional politics and fell under the pressure of bureaucratic hypocrisy. At one of our dinner dates, I suggested that she should just go ahead to open her own school. It has been my dream to run my own school for years. Unfortunately, I am already in the education field and it is hard for me to jump from one mud puddle to another.


Since JD’s sudden departure from her school, she has been working for an education centre as a literacy tutor. Two weeks ago, I sent her an email to ask her how she has been doing lately. Surprisingly, she replied to me in her email saying that she just bought a residential property and she is ready to turn it into a little kindergarten school. Boy, she has guts! In her late 40s, she took out a new mortgage as well as her life saving, she is ready to make another career move and turn her passion into a reality. Her school is currently under full renovation and is planned to open door in the coming September.


I admire her! When one door closes, another one opens. She was disgusted and fed up with the system and decided to take on a new mission to fulfill her dream. She wants to create an environmentally sound and welcoming institution for children with sensitive health issues. It may be a difficult time to start a new venture, but she is determined to take on the challenge and give it a shot.


JD, three cheers to you. I wish you all the best! BTW, if you need a night custodian, you know who to call, I will volunteer!

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