I started blogging a couple of years ago to keep friends and family posted about my life in general. Honestly, the truth was that I was too lazy to write to everybody and repeat the same thing too many times. If they want to find out trivial things that happen to me daily, now they can go online to check my update on the blog. Later on, my blog became a place where I publish anything and everything (well, not exactly everything) about my thoughts. My friends and family don’t often leave comments on my blog. Instead, they email me. Meanwhile, I started to get messages from total strangers and gradually get acquainted with many of those readers who frequent my blog. Suddenly, my blog became a new social circle that I did not expect to establish in a million years. Anyway, for friends new and old, thank you for your frequent visit.


I didn’t expect to attract this many readers to begin with. Every time, when a website reorganized or bought out by another company, I moved camp. The one I have at Wretch is the longest one I’ve ever had. I set up a second blog at Pixnet because Wretch was not reliable at one time before it was bought out by Yahoo. The site was down quite frequently which frustrated me tremendously. With my limited time to spare, I didn’t have the patience to wait around. So, before Wretch’s transaction was finalized, I set up my blog at Pixnet as a backup. Well, little did I know, this blog attracts more people than I could have imagined. I used to be a very private person who took a big step to publish my thoughts on line. Now, the management at Wretch seems to be quite stable, and I wonder if it is still necessary for me to keep two blogs going at the same time. But, which one should I shut down, Wretch or Pixnet? What do you think?




Note: I discovered a new website when I was trying to look up one of my many blog sites. For those readers who are interested in learning English in a social circle or need assistance in this subject matter, check out 台灣英語網 2.0 beta at http://www.english.tw/network.html, which is an interesting site for people who plan to improve their language skills.


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  • uma@0720
  • I deeply hope that you can stay in Pixnet.
  • Maggie
  • 我覺得還是 Pixnet 比較好呢!
    有一些朋友在無名寫了蠻久的,但是都因為種種因素而選擇搬到 Pixnet
    倒是沒聽過從 Pixnet 搬到無名的.....
    所以我投 Pixnet 一票~
  • copact
  • anyway

    just follow ur way...^^
  • copact
  • anyway

    just follow ur way...^^
  • Did you have another one? I think I went to yours through my Wretch account!

    Julia1492 於 2009/03/31 19:19 回覆

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