Our flight landed at 5:30AM! Days before my departure, I already told the family not to bother to come pick us up at the airport. (For God’s sake, it was 5:30 in the morning!) Anyway, we really took our time walking through the corridors, waiting in line for the immigration and claiming our luggage since we figured that no one would be waiting for us at the gate. By the time we stepped out the custom, it was about 7:30AM. Suddenly, I heard, “Julia!”


No way!


My brother and my sister-in-law had been waiting for a long time for us to come out. (Some people just don’t listen, especially the loved ones! ) My brother was supposed to fly out to Vietnam later on the same day, but he delayed his departure just for us. Luckily, he and I got to spend a whole day together with the whole family. I really appreciate their efforts for us.


My number one travelling rule to beat the jet lag: Always stay up when the sun is up!


Shortly after we had arrived and freshened up, the family decided to go to Jin Shan to visit the mausoleum where the ashes of my father and all the ancestors are kept. It was a good decision for us to be out for the day just to keep ourselves awake. On the way back to Taipei from the mausoleum, we drove along the coast to visit a few scenic places. WOW! There are lots of coffee shops along the coast!


We were just trying to kill time to stay awake for the day but honestly, it was not easy to move around like zombies. We had not slept for more than 20 hours! By four o’clock in the afternoon, we were nodding and dozing in the car. My brother ordered two large pizzas for take-out because we were too tired to go to Shi Lin night market for dinner.


The pizza was something worth talking about! Those were probably the most interesting pizza that I have ever had in Taiwan so far. Believe it or not, one was a hot dog pizza and the other was a seafood pizza! Yes! The hot dog one had hot dog, relish and beef toppings. Honestly, the pizza was awful but the family seemed to enjoy it very much! Gee! Nothing would surprise me anymore.


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  • Yes, the first day we arrived! My brother took us there to visit the mausoleum where my father's and the ancestors' ashes are.

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