Ode of Remembrance


After all the years have gone past,

I am still thinking of you, and

The time you stood up alone  

When nobody would dare to join.

I can no longer remember your name,

But I certainly know how you came to fame.

You gave the world strength and hope,

But your where about is still unknown.

My Dear, will you still recognize the playground

When you see people gather around?

I remember the day you stood alone

On the longest path where everyone’s gone.

I'm still thinking of you, my Dear.

I remember I saw you on this day in June

When the world was seemingly attuned.

While the distance between us was so short

Yet the road to reach you seemed to be so long.

When I thought I could finally keep you forever,

You disappeared without a trace whatsoever,

After all these years have gone past,

I am still thinking of you with despair.

Since that hot spring day in June

When the world was seemingly attuned,

The chivalry you displayed on your own

Had captured my heart and tears for years to mourn.




Written on June 4th, 2010


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