I guess the thought of “Back to School” finally pushed me over the edge and pumped my blood pressure over the limit to the record high 227over 102.


I felt my heart was palpitating faster than usual over the last three days, but then, I thought that was because I had been busy running around like a headless chicken with errands. Plus, I started my swimming lessons a week ago. The muscle fatigue might have triggered my problem. Needless to say, I was merely guessing and playing doctor. Finally on Thursday night, I measured my blood pressure and it registered 166 over 99. After contacting the TeleHealth, an Ontario health care online support agency, I was told to immediately check in to the emergency room at the local hospital.


Thank Goodness, it was not too busy at the Emergency Room. I stayed in the ER over night, and a few hours later after seeing the ER doctor, I was finally admitted to the hospital. I really respect what these professionals do day in and day out. I know I am in good hands. The hospital staffs are still doing all kinds of tests on me. I have never seen so many sophisticated pieces of equipment in my entire life. Hopefully, nothing’s wrong with my heart or there is no cardio-related problem.


The only thing I know is I am feeling much better now with the new medication. However, I was bored to tears sitting in the hospital room until I finally got my laptop. So, this is a vacation break for me to be away from home.



Writing and posting from the hospital room.

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