- dedicated to a friend across the ocean
Judging by the number of clicks on my blog, I know that most of my blog visitors are strangers who don’t really know me. You don’t know much about my past and you don’t know much more about my present. However, you obviously are curious about who I am or what I have to say, or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. So, bear with me and let me explain my view on love and passion. This is written for a friend whose heart is burdened. Whatever and however you want to interpret it, I will leave it to your imagination.
Life is complicated, my friend. Throughout our life time, we get to meet with so many people. Some of them appear to gently touch our heart at that moment in time. Personal circumstances are different and lives are, however, intertwined and changed. The burden of personal obligations sometimes forces people to pack up their true feelings and guard the heart of gold in a dark cave. On the contrary, some people come crashing down and surrender to the flame of desire and passion. We all have to make that decision with caution.
People who guard their hearts are usually the ones who were previously hurt and are now afraid to step into another potential risk, which may lead to another heartache or eternal happiness. To tell these people to seize a chance would simply trigger an anxiety attack for them. Some of them guard their heart because they are confined in circumstances that restrict their liberty to have their feelings known in fear that innocent loved ones may get hurt in the process. These people have to hide their thoughts, oppress their emotions and shield their heart. It is not easy but we all can do it if we try.
There is no forbidden love, but only circumstances. There is no despair, but only chances. Circumstances may change and chances will come. One day when the destiny determines, the paths will then cross. Cheer....

Somewhere In Time
Where there is time
there is tomorrow.
Somewhere in time,
all sorrows pass to memories.
And so the end is the beginning
Somewhere in time,
We are as we are meant to be

Where there is time,
There is a circle
Somewhere in time the circle
Yearns to be complete
Though you may feel this is illusion,
Somewhere in time,
I know we're certain to meet

Somewhere in time,
Love is forever
A love that's here
A love that's now to last for all time.
Somehow I know this moment is waiting
Somewhere in time

Where there is time, there is a circle
Somewhere in time the circle will be complete
Somewhere in time Love is forever
A love that's here
A love that's now to last for all time.

Somehow I know
this moment's waiting
somewhere in time...
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